Locked Funds Questions


I have locked Funds, but upon checking the rewards (Bovada Bonus) 50$, I would’ve to complete the playthrough for 50$ and my locked funds?

What If I was to forfeit that bonus, will I lose my Locked Funds as well?

Thank you

Yes you would lose any winnings associated with that bonus

Even if I didn’t use the bonus? I deposited 100$ and they granted the 50$ bonus, which would be a total of 150$.
But I only used 100$ on a Sports Bet. Won. Funds are locked, but I still see the Bonus Funds of 50$ to use.

If you haven’t used any portion of the bonus, then yes you can forfeit the bonus and your other funds will be safe

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Whatever it says on the bonus play through for balance is what youd forfeit. Say you deposit 100$ with a 50% bonus. On your first spin you hit 500$. You can forfeit the bonus and it’ll only forfeit the extra 50$. But say you play down to your account only having 49$ or less remaining and you win 500$. If you forfeit the bonus then you’ll lose everything including the 500$ you won. It all depends on if you get into those matched funds they give you or not. Whenever In doubt though just message a mod and ask them to clarify what you’d be forfeiting when you’re not sure