Lost all respect for bovada

Honestly lost all the respect I had for this site


Great context.


Deep as the ocean


Really? You two pillars of insight and deductive reasoning need the OP to provide context?? Because you couldn’t deduce any reasonable events that might spur such a post? I mean, in light of the recent/ongoing stability issues, and the lack of transparency from Bovada, coupled with constant reassurances that affected players will be compensated for their inability to utilize the sight as a whole, and the poker client in particular, for a time spanning weeks, to then recieve 20k bonus points with a million x playthrough, I think any reasonable person, and many mentally handicapped people as well, would be able to get a pretty good idea of the context in which the post was made. Now maybe I’m projecting here, but the truth is I’m probably pretty spot trucking on. You two are literally the worst kind of gamblers too. If the op is a decent guy, reasonble, more or less responsible with his gaming habits, not prone to rng conspiracies, etc etc… well then it’s really likely the driving force behind his post was a general sense of frustration with how the whole situation has been handled, and feels like the players deserve to be treated better than he percieves them to have been. And if that’s accurate, why would you even chime in with your sophmoric trolling? OR he is a degenate with a problem, prone to tilt and spew and bad call downs. IF thats the case and you two are giving him grief then i hope your wifes breath smells like your neighbors dock because the #1 rule in poker is you never bad mouth the fish. They’re 90% of your winrate and you should never do anything to negatively impact their experience. Very -EV comments like yours should get you excommunicated.


There, fixed it

Strong photoshop. You keep bringing up poker; however, he posted in the casino section. Maybe you should brush up on your reasoning skills. Just saying.

i think its not unreasonable to think he probably plays both.

I decided to read your post after you callously pointed out my lack of an ability to read (it was a struggle). While I don’t disagree with the general sentiment that he should be upset, your degrading of the other posters seemed unnecessary.

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Haha it’s halftime I’m just messing around. Passing some time. Hope you continue to take advantage of the fish!

Trolls gonna troll bro.

If you think that was trolling then I don’t
know how to respond haha. Banter isn’t trolling.

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I was talking more about the comment about the breath of their wives :joy:

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Mate? Lol ok.

dance puppets dance

Not sure where I posted anything defending bovada, but oh well.

I wasn’t even talking to you.

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Sorry it was hard to follow. Now these two 16 year olds are making fun of me. Making me sad…