Lower denominations for casino games

Would it be possible to ask for a .25 or .50 denomination? especially for games like Roulette and Craps.

I’ve recently been playing them and I think it would bring more people to the games if they didn’t have to risk as much, especially on some roulette systems I’ve seen.

These would be something that is preset, although $1 minimum is usually pretty standard for these kind of games.

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But why not have the option if you don’t normally partake in those types of games? Or if you just want to play more causal?

We can pass the feedback on of course, but as I said this is a pretty standard wager, so it’s not likely they would look to change this at the moment.

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How about the ability to redeem a custom amount of points? Rather than all/none/reward store options? Would that be considered?

you can redeem however many of your points that you want. just go to “get bonus” on your reward point tab and before you click “get my bonus” type in the amount you want to use.

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I think it would be a big hit for those who want to dip their toes into it without risking too much.

Thank you @Paul_Bovada for bringing it to the higher ups attention, I really hope they heavily consider it.

Wow i’ve seen that window more times than I can count and never noticed lol