March Anniversary Spins Leaderboard Contest


Just here to announce that the spins for the March Opt in List will likely be provided early next week on Monday March 28th. As noted in our 10’th Anniv Leaderboard post, once you receive the spins we’ll require you to post a screenshot in order to count up the largest winners and create a top 10 list that will be awarded points for our March and Yearly Leaderboard.

The spins will be 10 free spins at a value of 50 cents a spin with a max cashout of $50 on Larry’s Lucky Tavern, but remember that ultimately this is more about the multiplier and earning leaderboard points along with the Sports and Poker activities already announced as there will be other prizes provided.


  • Deadline will be March 31st at 11:59p ET. Wins posted after this timeframe WILL NOT count towards the contest.

  • Only screenshots posted on this thread will count towards leaderboard.

  • Spin winnings posted must be from ‘Exclusive Bovada Community Free Spins Bonus’ and will be confirmed from our side at the end of deadline.

  • We can confirm this from our end so any screenshots of transaction pages needn’t contain any personal information.

Apologies to anyone who wasn’t able to opt in for these spins before the deadline but no exceptions will be made to add these spins to other accounts. (The opt in was open for a week prior to closing)

Keep an eye out and visit the Community regularly going forward throughout the year as we’ll be posting these events at random times during each month!


With all that said, let’s get those screenshots going next week! Remember to have your print screen button (or any screenshot software) at the ready when the spins finish, as the highest screenshotted wins will be placed into the top 10 winners list for the event. If you do miss the actual free spins amount a screenshot of your transaction page with the amount won will suffice as well.

Bumping this for visibility!

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Wish I was in this for my Buffalo free spins. I hit 3 buffs 3 buffs 2 buffs and then a wild in the 4th and then 2 buffs and 2 buffs in the final row. And then it said at 11/25 spins “you’ve reached the max payout”

Pretty sure I’d be on the board with that one


So at the end of the 10 spins we screenshot, or each time we win during those free 10 spins?

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Yeah do we screenshot every winning spin or the total bonus win, after the last spin?

Sounds like the total amount won after the 10 free spins are completed.

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Think lens is right.

Regardless I’m expecting roughly $1.50… if I’m lucky lol


That’s a lofty goal sir. I’m expecting my account to have less than I originally started after the free spins are completed :crazy_face:


For this site you could be right … I’ve seen multiple times where money gets randomly taken after some sports bet where I wasn’t paying attention and allegedly they graded it wrong after initially paying out


Hi Ryan, first of all, many thanks to you as well as the other Mods for everything you all do here to assist us on a daily basis. Much respect for always taking the high ground when dealing with all the whining and complaining I see here on a regular basis. About the spins, your post states that the free spins are .20/ea but I thought the minimum wager for that particular slot .50. No biggie, just wondering. Thanks again!!

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Thank you for your positive feedback @Nickyjumpshot We will check about this and keep you updated.


He’s right. .50 cents Is the minimum for that slot. Nice try Bovada

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Hey @ToysRuS,

There might have been a mistake yes, which we would like to fix if so, so we will have it doublechecked.

Either way… the promo where we spend 20$ in slots per entry just for a CHANCE to win a max of $50 in spins was the worst promo and false advertising ever created on here… still in shock that that’s what was being advertised on the main page of Bovada


We thankyou for your feedback @ToysRuS It was passed accordingly.

The spins will be 10 free spins at a value of 50 cents a spin with a max cashout of $50 on Larry’s Lucky Tavern,


Jasmine do we screenshot after every winning spin? or once after all ten are completed?

How does these free spins work i opted in and made multiple deposits yet i have not recieved any spins

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As I understand it’s screenshot at the end , every time would be ridiculous lol

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