March Anniversary Spins Leaderboard Contest

Reviewing now!

@Jaguar is correct as they should actually be 2nd here. @msw_123 just joined the leaderboard too! I’ll make sure to update the standings tomorrow.

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So that does the point do for us?

There will be prizes given to those in the top 10 of the leaderboard. Read HERE for more details!

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Oops you are right. Thanks!

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When will these
Prizes be given

@Crystalgirly The spins were already issued for this, the leaderboard will carry on throughout the year, we will be adding more comps and tasks so you can earn points as you go.

Just as an update here this is the current spins list winners for the leaderboard if everything stays the same:

Username Spin Wins Points Added
@Duckfan32 42.3 10
@Jaguar 33.10 9
@soccerjunkie23 25.65 8
@cg103075 24.7 7
@amswans 23.64 6
@msw_123 21.30 5
@MadRat2019 20.4 4
@alpinechap 14.07 3
@Clydem365 14.05 2
@crystalgirly 13.8 1

Once again this was manually calculated by me, so if anyone else should be on this list let me know!


Hi Ryan, i think i opted in, can you check thanks.

@kewlc_123 I’m afraid you did not opt in sadly.

Oh ok. no problem. I’ll try the next time around

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is it too late?

For this one it is, yes. The spins were already issued.


Two bucks even, missed SS by a second.