March Anniversary Spins Leaderboard Contest

I did the same 4 days ago and they just wont give me them…lol…oh well…its bs

Yup i did when i first received the email

Going to throw this on a longshot parlay and really make it count!

How shitty…no pun intended.


I’m pretty sure I opted in when I received that email. No free spins…

The fact this guys got a hundred dollar bill next to his hand in the pic and wins $5 makes it hurt that much more. You know we are degenerates when we are spinning just to make $5. Smh

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Are we going to ignore the blatant cheeks in dudes “screenshot” lmao this is too funny


@kizzle I’m seeing no opt in for this unfortunately.

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@Paul_Bovada I know i opted in after receiving the email and still haven’t received any spins

I think you are referring to the other promotion? The 20k spins one, Here

I signed up for that one also… can you checkfor me? @Paul_Bovada

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You haven’t opted in for this one for the leaderboard spins, with regard to the other one, not everyone will get free spins, I believe only 1000 do

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Thanks Bovada for a free :moneybag:!!!

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Thanks Bovada :slight_smile:


Did I enter and if not may I have free spins or non deposit CV please🤔

@KINGT3AM I’m afraid you didn’t opt in, and it seems CS recently helped you out with a bonus.

Hey Paul. I opted in but did not receive free spins. Thanks.

@Vikings123 Looking now.

The bonus seems to be available in your rewards @Vikings123 it is just sandwiched between some other bonuses so perhaps you missed it :sweat_smile: Let me know if you’re able to redeem it.