March Anniversary Spins Leaderboard Contest

Hi Ryan. I opted in for the 20K free spin bonus and I don’t see any free spins in my rewards section. Please take a look, Thanks.

Yat that happen to me. I was told spins will arrive yesterday. Then no spins and they said only 1k spins offered for that spin promo and that even tho opted in, I was out of luck. Then I said what about other special, they said yes everyone Gets a few spins but not me cause I was opted out. Lol

To clarify here again, this is not the March Craziness Program. This is a community event for our Anniversary leaderboard that needed to be entered a few weeks ago HERE.

If not opted into the poll above unfortunately you are not entered into this activity, but there will be one every month so please keep an eye out for the next one in April.

The March Craziness spins were only issued to 1000 players and have already been issued for week 1. If not receiving any yet, sadly it is likely that you weren’t drawn for the promotion and this isn’t something we can add on our end.

I haven’t received my spins I think opt-in can you guys check?

At @Jovann they are in your rewards.

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Ok thanks I’ll look right now

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I still don’t see them?

Exclusive Bovada Community Free Spins Bonus
In your rewards section.

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I See them thanks boss.

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When you realize almost everyone who submitted a screenshot is near 0 balance lol


Just as an update here this is the current spins list winners for the leaderboard if everything stays the same:

Username Spin Wins Points Added
@Duckfan32 42.3 10
@soccerjunkie23 25.65 9
@cg103075 24.7 8
@amswans 23.64 7
@MadRat2019 20.4 6
@alpinechap 14.07 5
@Clydem365 14.05 4
@crystalgirly 13.8 3
@Buddyman23 12.48 2
@Beanman23 11.15 1

Just as a note here this was manually calculated by me, so if anyone else should be on this list let me know!


You forgot @4eyArn01d

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$1.55. Not even posting screenshot bc no shot

I got 40 cents !

I am not there supposed to be 2nd position I guess

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Reviewing now!