March Anniversary Spins Leaderboard Contest

Thanks ryan

What a joke this is…i wagered probably 40 bucks total during week 1…won 20 spins.

I wagered probably 1000 during week 2…won 20 spins.

Bovada gets us again!

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This is for a different thread; please post about that in the proper place @vviteiverson

I wagered multiple times this past 2 weeks along with getting lots of referrals yet to not get any free spins?

Not the same thread man. Please go to the right place to talk about that

Not too shabby


nice, better than wagering 5k in a week and getting zero spins…

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Yeah nothing here either buddy…this is terrible.

Guys, this was for the leaderboard comp on larry’s lucky tavern.

This list is now the finalized leader board and your points will be added to the leaderboard and posted shortly!

Wooops. After I left LARRY’s I chose to photodump here instead of the alternative of drunk posting on FB again.

Sorry though, having hard time following which is which

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Hi Ryan can we still submit for Our spin

Unfortunately not.

Will there be another free competition like this again for April?

Correct! There will be one each month for this year.


I opted into this right?


Unfortunately not @smkn4life.

This was last month’s free spins.