March Madness Bonus Drops

Is there any information on the bonus drops promotion for betting on March Madness games? As best I can tell, it’s left very vague - make a bet and you qualify for a drawing for a bonus drop. Haven’t seen any other info out there on it.


Bovada being vague? Stop it right now


IMPOSSIBLE.:joy::rofl: no way they would make a contest and not tell us minimim wager, when it is drawn and how many winners , nor how much we are winning.

Oh wait…


I submitted my picks but having trouble getting back to a page showing results. Why so difficult?? Maybe it’s me … my fault?? But when checking with support for any info… i received a "vague " scripted answer to check a link that directed me to the general sports betting page. Shouldn’t be a bracket breakdown of wins and losses??? Can anybody clarify if im missing something or doing wrong on my end? Confused :confused: 🫤


@moderators can you guys clear this up a lil bit? Give us some info

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Hey guys,

  • The day after each round ends, the draw will take place and the winning accounts will be credited with a bonus.

  • To be eligible for all bonus prizes, the account must have placed a bet on each round: First Round, Second Round, Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight & Final Four.

  • You do not have to have entered the bracket for your account to be eligible for a bonus.

  • All eligible players will receive a message once the bonuses have been credited after each round, and they’ll be asked to check their accounts to see if they were one of the winners.

  • There is no minimum bet to qualify.

  • I believe the leaderboards and results will be updated after each round, and I’ll confirm that.

Additional terms can be found here


Thank you

Can we also get an update on bonus amounts or if they go up as rounds go on or how much money in bonuses will winners get ??


Do you have to bet on each day of each round @James_Bovada

Like if i bet on yesterday ( RD1 ) do i have to bet today on RD1 as well??

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No, you just need to have placed at least 1 bet in that round.

Will try and get this info @ToysRuS


Can you bet on a round with bonus funds and still qualify for this drawing? Or do you have to use cash funds?

Dumb rules. You must bet on each round to be eligible. Yet bonus will be awarded after first round? How do you bet on the final round before the second round. More fake rules for a fake contest. Lol. Must bet on every round. Lol

Who freaking runs this site and approves these moronic rules. Must bet on every round to win first round prize awarded after first round. Lol. Cant make this up.

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There’s a bonus draw for each round meaning you have to place a bet for round 64 to be eligible for the round 64 bonus and then again in round 32 to be eligible for the round 32 bonus

When will we be notified early in day after each round if we were winners of Bonus Drops??

Not what the rules say. I get it. But dont like how bovada makes crappy rules that then need to be interpreted differently than they clearly state.

The rule states you have to bet on every round. Not the round the prize is for…

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actually that is what they say, you just have some kind of reading comprehension problem lol


Anyone get this bonus yet?

Lol. It says to be eligible for all bonus prizes you must bet on each round.

Should say to be eligible for each rounds prize you must bet on that round.

Current rule infers you must bet all the rounds to get (any) all prizes.

This is such a Bovada thing. They grade more games wrong based on. “Grading errors” they say they have no control over. They void bets or declare bets losers based on odd interpretations of standard sportsbook rules.

James is a professional at that. Hence is crappy written rules to have a loophole not to pay.

Question. Based on rules as stated. If I dont bet on round 1. But bet final four. Can i get a final four drop? Remember the word “all” is in their. Lol

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And if you have to think about my question and think about what the rule is saying or is meaning to say. Then thats a pretty crappy written rule. Just saying.

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Maybe they can just give a regular points drop like they have in the past , not this program …

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