March Madness Casino Craziness Promotion

Hi everyone,

We’re giving away 20,000 free spins in the next few weeks so be sure to opt in if interested. You can join and few all the terms here

Some quick points for you:

  • A minimum of $20 deposit must be made during the week to qualify.
  • Bonuses will issued at the end of the week and may take up to 24-hours to appear in your account and can be claimed in the Rewards Store
  • Contest runs from March 18th until April 1st.
  • Earn 1 Entry for every $20 wagered.

Week 1 featured games (March 18th -25th):

  • 777 Deluxe
  • Crazy Christmas
  • Golden Buffalo

Week 2 featured games (March 25th - March 31st):

  • Reels and Wheels
  • A Night with Cleo
  • Fury of Zeus

If you have any questions, please let us know!


Is this separate from the 10th anniversary promo?

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Yes, this is separate from the 10th anniversary free spins we had the opt in for in the community.


Does it have to be crypto deposit? Or does voucher/PT work?

@MFSHATAN We’ll confirm now.

The opt in option is being added to the page as we speak so it will be down temporarily.

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I’d love to but my casino is permanently disabled here.

I did not bother opting in the spins promo.

Can anything be done here or am I SOL?



I don’t think I understand it completely… so how do we opt in will there be a option posted somewhere.?

Yes, the opt in option will be getting added to the promotions page that I posted above.

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Do any spins prior to the Opt In button being added count? Is there a place to track the number of entries we have earned? It says 20k spins over the next couple weeks, but is that 10k per week and how is that broken down? Like 500 people win 20 spins or 10 people win 1000 spins? Is it a random draw, but more entries = more chances or a leaderboard type setup? Thank you!

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If I’m getting ready to deposit, should I wait until after the Opt In is up for it to count as my deposit?

Yes you should wait to opt in as play before the opt in won’t count.

We will work on the spins break down for the draw winners


I am clicking the participate button but it’s not taking me anywhere / registering. Can you assist @Matty_Bovada

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@Broadcaster005 Just clicking the participate option would mean you are entered.

@baldandbankrupt the promotion is for the casino section; if disabled, then promotion wouldn’t be suited for you and unfortunately can’t be switched to another channel.


@Matty_Bovada The opt in button doesn’t seem to be working? I pressed it several times and it doesn’t do anything. Can you please check to see if I’m opted in? Thank you.

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When I click on the HERE link above and go to the Promotions page, I see 2 Play Now buttons, but no other buttons…

@Littlejon3 Can you try again now?

@Kman0207 no action is suppose to happen so once its clicked you’re all set. Just like when joining the crypto membership

Can you please confirm that I have opted in? Thanks

I just logged out and logged back in and get the exact same screen as the above screenshot.

On Mobile, using Chrome.

@Littlejon3 Its possible the page is cached. Can you try clearing cache and retrying.