March Madness Casino Craziness Promotion

I don’t like to complain but I just spent 60$ to get the entry , now in the best scenario if I win I’ll be losing anyways :crying_cat_face: I just feel disappointed,


Yeah this is really pathetic on Bovada’s part. They clearly knew what they were doing to get everyone to deposit large amounts and dump it in those games… At least we found out before next week so none of us will waste anymore money on the promo. Hopefully they will make it right in some way…

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It’s also comical that each entry costs $20 and the MAX you can win is $50 from the spins (which we all know from the weekly free spins it will be less than $10. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:) and you aren’t even guaranteed spins from each entry.

Again, hopefully they will realize how wrong this is and do something to make this right. The most fair thing would be refund for all gameplay on the featured games but I’d say there is a zero percent chance of anything like that happening. Just so frustrating.

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You are giving them to much credit saying they knew what they were doing. They are just clueless and inept at their jobs.

No I disagree with this. There’s no way this was unintentional.

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I encourage everyone to look at the details of the Casino Craziness “Promotion” for a sneak preview of what to expect from these free spins:

I’ll give you a hint: it’s exactly what you’d expect from this site.

lolol. MacAttack!

I thought I called it! But it’s actually much worse! Wow!


My posts have to be approved by the mods now? Because I am unhappy with this promotion?

@Kingfishtr posts for the marketplace only have to be approved.

How about 40 people get 20 $5 spins? Or break it up by what stake people had played the most of.

Spoiler: I’m up 700x across the three since this promo started. :slight_smile:

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Imagine selling raffles tickets for 20 dollars a pop all for the chance to wib 4 dollars worth of a prize

Classic lol


Tell me this is a bad dream. No way. It costs 20 dollars for a drawing entry for .20 free spins with a max win of 50 bucks? You guys got me on this one. Unfortunately I have spent a bunch this weekend on those casino games. Shame on me.

Just to step in here,

We are definitely ensuring this feedback is heard and advised to the marketing team, even if not responding to each comment.

I believe the intent was to simply have a free extra bonus promotion and to provide a chance at winning some extra spins. Obviously had the amount been communicated ahead of time this would simply be a nice addition to anyone who deposited $20 or more and perhaps direct them to play specific games. This didn’t ‘take away’ from any other promotion. In a sense you could simply deposit $20, add a normal deposit bonus, take advantage of any other promotions (BTC Exclusive for instance) and still have a chance at winning some extra spins if playing those specific games.

Of course we completely understand that without full details expectations for this promotion we’re higher than this and had it been communicated fully at the start it would have been more transparent. Hence we do get the frustration and again are making sure to provide feedback to the program team.


They should take a look at the players that spinned $5,000-$10,000 on those slots on March 18th and show them some love for their efforts. Myself….


Since obviously none of this feedback will affect Bovada’s decision making, I am putting my money where my mouth is on this and am closing my account here right after I type this, something that I should have done a long time ago. I would urge others to do the same and punish Bovada in the only way that they will actually care about.


@Ryan_Bovada we appreciate you and the other @moderators and I like to think you agree with us and hear us out. Let me put it this way - if you are the customer and you have full details of this promotion when it comes out, would you deposit and wager anything towards it? Because For example I did win wagering on 777 Deluxe but my point is I would rather deposit using 50% deposit or whatever deposit bonus there is and get the money guaranteed on the spot and wager it on a sports parlay rather than risking it on slots this hoping I get one or two entries for ….pretty much nothing.

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I am definitely not in disagreement with this statement at all, and get the sentiment for sure. If the details had been provided beforehand this would have been an easier decision to make from your end.


Yeah it’s a bit frustrating and it’s not the mods fault they were going off the info that was given and I normally don’t play slots and I lost trying to get my entries in before the information about the actual promo came out.

I mean for slots players the only difference might be you wouldn’t have played those certain games but for people that don’t play slots normally to have had played these games in hopes of a shot at a nice opportunity for some free spins well then it’s very frustrating to learn that I lost more then I could possibly have a chance at winning and that’s IF I win the raffle and IF I max out the .20 cent free spins which would take a huge amount of luck.

Again I understand the mods position that they were put it and it seems pretty unfair of the higher ups or the promo team to do that to the mods as well. But very frustrating to hear we have to wager at least 20 dollars for an entry that we’d have to be pretty lucky to win (which I understand it is part of the raffle or what have you) but to risk that much for such a small fraction when I don’t even play slots is pretty frustrating.

Note I am not aiming this at the mods, we just don’t really have a direct link to the people who made this promo so the promo team made the mods a punching bag for this which seems very unfair.

Very frustrating

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Lolololol yikes

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