March Poker Freeroll

When is this happening?

On the 26th so next week


What kinda prizes normally and for those of us that work… Will you also have them early AM or late nite that Sat as well?

There’s only going to be one event per month, normally held on Saturday. As for the prize pool details will be confirmed when the tournament is released.


Awesome. Thanks!

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Hey everyone, just a reminder that our Poker Freeroll is THIS SATURDAY at 3:05p ET.

We now have relevant details regarding the Tournament as well:

Password for entry is BVCFR2

Prizepool will be $750 guaranteed with a free entry and unlimited $1 + .10 buyins during late registration.

Note that the top 10 will also receive points towards our Yearly Anniversary leaderboard.

Please do not provide this code to anyone outside the Community as only members are valid for the Leaderboard.


Note the link to the Tournament is HERE.


Registration doesn’t open until day of?


Correct, this was largely in part in feedback from last year’s poker series, as many players were entering and then not playing on the day causing many ‘ghost entries’ or tables full of non active players.


Only 2 places paid?

prices paid will vary depending on the number of players registered

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That’s a wonderful fix to the ghost seats. Have to enter right when it starts. Fantastic fix


Thanks for doing something for us!

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I’m not a good poker player but I’m going to try my best

How long do these games last typically ? 3 hours ? 2?

I believe last year, these freerolls lasted about 2 hours each.

You guys should all just let me win since it’s on my birthday and bovada don’t do birthday gifts :joy:.


Any of that information posted anywhere yet?

My guess is a lot of non community members will join.

The fleas come out in full force for freerolls.

Good luck you guys in the tournament.
I will update my standings throughout the tourny, here. All forum regs should.

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