Mark Settled Bets that are Part Open Bets as Won / Pushed when Graded

In the Open Bets screen, when a wager is 1 part of a multi wager bet, when it is finished and settled, can it be marked as Won or Pushed or Voided? There is currently no indication at all if parts of a parlay have already finished. Most of the other books I have used, have this feature.


We will certainly pass this along as a great feature.

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also need to grade wagers faster

especially golf wagers

I know it’s not ideal, but if a mod is in the Community, there is a post where you can ask for something to be graded if it’s been a bit. If I have been an idiot and gone all in on a wager and needed it graded to bet again, I have gone this route with great results.

i understand that but it should not have to be done on every golf wager I wager on

your a major book
treat all sports the same

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