Marketplace hours may vary

Not sure where this should be but i’m sure a lot of us (whom are night owls) realize the demand is much higher than the supply. The threads are filled with people looking to buy and not enough sellers.

Applies mostly to late night:

I’m not sure if everyone knows or realizes that as these posts (by sellers) are posted /approved by mods - the sellers may or may not be online at the moment nor have been for hours.

so here we are as buyers scanning through the thread and as soon as a new sale posts we’re all jumping on it but not realizing the person posted it maybe hours ago - and i noticed that the mods start approving these posts all at once.

I get that the hours of availability vary and i’m thankful that there’s a mod or two online at these times (thanks @Jasmine_Bovada) she’s a late nighter

So one extra thing i end up doing is checking that particular sellers info and see when were they last seen and compare it to when the actual posting was posted. seems like a lot of work isn’t it? yeah it is!

seems a bit stalker(ish) too if you ask me. so i’m wondering if there’s a better way to streamline these issues. and more importantly is this even an issue? hahaha

Bottom line : Bovada needs to let us community members win more often so we can meet the demand !
Im kidding. (not really)
but jokes aside - i feel for those people who are trying to buy and the sellers look like their ignoring them. it’s not that - it’s most likely the fact that they’ve been offline for a while.

oh shoot there you go! is there a way we can have online/offline indicators on our profile/avatar ? kind of like a green dot for online etc…

So anyway, this is me just thinking out loud. hopefully we can find balance.

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Hi @Markymark15,

That is a good suggestion.

I’m make sure to pass on your feedback and I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:

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Hi @Markymark15,

Although I do agree with your suggestion, I forgot to mention, that at the Main Page, under Categories, users may see who is active at the time.

That would also be a good way to check who’s online at the time :slight_smile:

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That’s correct. And of course we can always see everyone’s profile avatar in every page we are on. Thats one way I typically check

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Hi @Markymark15,

While the ‘who’s online’ indicator does not show in the ‘Latest’ filter, you can see the green circle when you look at the actual thread like Jasmine is highlighted here:


As Jasmine mentioned in the Private Messages Community Tip HERE, the green circle appears when someone has been active within the last 5 minutes.