Marketplace selling question

As an individual selling to other individuals on Marketplace, do you give bonus funds for larger purchases? I’ve been asked over and over with the bonus amount varying wildly.

So do you give bonus funds?

And if so, how much is reasonable to you?

I frequently throw in a little extra to buyers, but honestly…it irritates me to be asked. Am I wrong? Is it commonly done? I haven’t sold in a long time, so relearning the ropes.

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I don’t think anyone should ask or expect it, hard enough to make it


Ah kinda depends on the marketplace activity. If there is a ton of sellers and I need the money, I will offer a bonus. But if there aren’t that many sellers or I don’t need it, I won’t offer it.
People asking me rubs me the wrong way a bit at first but can’t blame them. I’ve gotten used to it.


Bonuses from us players should NOT be expected and goes against the intent of the community. As a seller, if I’ve done well or need to complete the transaction in a pinch, I may throw a little extra in as a surprise but you should never feel obligated to do so.


I’ve been asked multiple times by the same person. It’s irritating. If we are offering bonuses. We will put that in the post.


I get irritated if people ask for sure but I’ll throw discounts to people I do transactions with frequently.


I sent you a PM on the subject.

I really love the people that say buying “x” and it must come with a bonus. Or they sell and say don’t reply to my post.

What makes them special that they MUST get a bonus and what do you have to hide if you don’t want people posting a reply to your post.


Interesting isn’t it? Supply and demand. In my opinion, the seller has more right to ask for bonus funds than the buyer. You need my chips, why does your need make me obligated to throw in extras? Since you need my chips, how about I charge you a penny on the dollar? That would fly like a lead balloon. :rofl::rofl:


Never have asked, and will never give a bonus.

Some sellers specifically mention a bonus in the posting and I think that is ok to do and ask for in that case.

Other times sellers will throw a bit extra on top.

The marketplace is a great resource for bovada users keeping it a 1$ to 1$ ratio is crucial for it to survive

Where is the Bovada marketplace? Is it within these forums or a separate site?

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Within these forums. Be sure to read all the guidelines and don’t buy anything until a moderator gets on and approve posts. And if you sell tonight, be sure you receive the money first. Best to read the Best Practices first regardless

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Where are all the moderators… I thought several more were hired to work overnight??

You’re in for a treat my friend. The marketplace is pretty awesome. I didn’t know about it until I found the community and it’s cool.

Ah great! Thank you for that resource, I’ll be reading through it tonight :slight_smile:

Who cares if people ask for it man I always give extra good karma . Because you would want the same