May Poker Freeroll


As mentioned in our 10th Anniversary Leaderboard Post we will be having some Poker Freerolls and the top 10 players will receive points for our monthly and yearly leaderboards.

We’ll have more specific time’s posted this week, as well as the password and entry details. (However it will be earlier due to feedback from the Community about rotating and changing the times for the event, June’s will likely be later than previous ones as well!)

Entry will be FREE and have prizes for the winners of the event as well.


Details for this are posted HERE.

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Is there a prizepool for the freeroll or is it strictly just for points?

It’s both, unless something changed

I got 14th! That’s the best I’ve done in a while!!

Did I miss it can’t seem to get in?

You are about 8 hours too late…

The top 10 list for the May Freeroll is:

@OldBones 10 Points Earned
@Duckfan32 9 Points Earned
@ToysRuS 8 Points Earned
@FloppnThNutz 7 Points Earned
@Shibazz808 6 Points Earned
@freaksforum 5 points Earned
@Lancelot24 4 Points Earned
@4084304844 3 Points Earned
@thiago335 2 Points Earned
@CLew21 1 Point Earned


I registered but never got any notifications of any sort saying it started…did I miss a step?

We don’t get a notification, unless I am not aware of one. I usually create a calendar reminder when they announce what time it will start. Since you were registered for the tournament, as soon as you log into the poker page/app at the starting time, you would automatically get a seat in the tournament.

If you were not automatically taken to the tournament, go to the My Tournaments page and select the tournament to get into your seat.


Thank you that is very helpful. Now I know for next time.


I hope i get more than the past couple times, I think my Biggest Jackpot win was $1.73