May Spins Leaderboard Contest!

Sorry this is late as obviously we’ve had some site issues over the last week or so that have become a priority.

This will essentially follow the same rules as previous months The difference being spins will be 10 Free Spins on Reels and Wheels (We listened to feedback!) at 20 cents a piece and the deadline will be June 8th. Remember again that the wins from the spins are only one part, as the top 10 will also receive leaderboard points which will be paid out that Wednesday! We do require you to post your winning screenshot of the actual spins or your transaction on this thread in order to be eligible for the leaderboard!

The spins are apparently aiming to be issued for Friday, if they are delayed for any reason we can look into delaying the post date as well.


Hi everyone,

Just to provide a little more information on how this will work exactly, those who opted in will see this bonus in their account likely Friday:

1) Select ‘Claim’ and then Confirm

2) Open [Reels and Wheels XL]( and use the Free Spins:

3) Once the spins are completed take a screenshot of winnings from the Freespins and share them here (try and take the screenshot as soon as possible as the screen doesn’t stay long):

4) If you can’t take a screenshot in time, we will accept this summary in your transactions (but please be sure not to post any personal balance info)

(Just as a note this is all done in a testing environment and none of the numbers shown for my account are onsite)


How do we opt in?

The deadline for opting in is already over unfortunately. Keep an eye out for June’s spins coming up in a few weeks!

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Hey Ryan –

89 free spins sounds better than 10.

Where do I opt in for the 89?


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The bonus in our test environment isn’t ready yet, so I just defaulted to another one that was available to get the walkthrough screenshots. None of this is actual funds that I can use!

Spend $1,000 to get $2 worth of free spins!


Indeed. I never win on anything slot related so my expectations are very low

Why 89 spins?? Can’t you round up to 90?? Why are you guys so cheap? I demand I get at least 90 free spins. I’ve deposited at least 25 million dollars in just the past 2 weeks and all I can expect is 89 free spins for May?? If I don’t get at least 90 free spins, I’m taking my remaining millions elsewhere…

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i did not get my free spins and i’m opted in

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This is unreal … are we kidding i’ve been waiting a month and they didn’t get sent ?

It says they’ll be in your account on Friday if you opted in

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ohh ok sorry lol

i have a feeling these slots will be decent , there are alot of eyes on the fence watching the out come of this

We are only getting 10 spins :rofl::rofl:

$2 worth of spins… yay :expressionless:

it’s 89 spins

atleast give them
somepraise come on

No it’s not bro read the top

@Ryan_Bovada can you please check if I opted in?