May Spins Leaderboard Contest!

i apologize it’s ten spins , I mean I feel foolish but after all the insanity I assumed that was a picture of the promotion …: it was from reels and wheels …: here i’m thinking wow what a nice way to say thank yiu and make things better

Buh bye david-spade-adam-sandler

We could only hope it was 89 spins

i’m just looking foward to something fun to do on bovada

As I have previously said, there is a method to their madness.

what’s the method ? 10’freevspins prolonged ?

No. Getting you to blow more money as you wait for those lousy free spins. Maybe not you, but I’m sure over the last few weeks people have deposited more than $2.00. I have but 99% of my play is on the horse races and some sports.

those are just free spins , but i actually feel like things may be getting fixed

Everyone ties with zero won. Spread prizes out evenly. Lol

Too hard to keep up with these monthly contests when you have opt in individually every month then get mays spins in july and post the 0.17 cents you win

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Were these issued yet?

I’m sorry but they haven’t been issued just yet. We are still waiting for an update on this


Matty are you planning a long vacation after all of this? Lol


Waitingggg sure could use it!

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Creeping up to that time that stuff usually gets issued… fingers crossed that I get mine and fingers crossed that it pays more than $1. My Community contest spins have been crap so far… we’ll see.

Any updates since 3 hours ago?

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yes , Bovada is finally admitting the entire issue they site is being attacked by hackers , actors and competitors

Yea I don’t think I got more than 2 or $3 lol. Ever

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Any updates now…?

No spins for you!!!

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