May Spins Opt In List!

They have not been added for anyone yet

Any idea when ?

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Gotta be by Monday with end of month nearing. And sports competition around same time

Should be next week for the spins. The sports competition will be up later today

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When you opt in for spins and sports thing…how do you actually play it? Is there some place I can read about it? Thanks

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May sports has been posted here 10 Anniversary May Sports Competition

You are free to make your picks for the sports event now.

The post related to spins has not been released yet. When the spins are released to us, we will access the Rewards section of our profile to unlock the spins. Usually the Community post about spins will let us know which game we will be playing. As mentioned above, we should be using our spins some time next week. It has not been determined yet which day the spins will be released. A separate team from the moderators will authorize when we can access them.

Thanks for the response

i got my spins it was 25 spins on golden buffalo , .40 cent spins I made 11$ … not bad

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They give out the free spins?

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yes But it’s closed for the month keep looking they’ll probably post it in the next few days it’s my first month I’ve done it

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No I’m in this month I should get them too

said i won 11, it was 6.70$

i mean it was listed at the time It was active it had some weird listed like customer service free spin bonus, and it wasn’t my weekly reward …

It seems like that was another Promotion, as we didn’t issue Spins on May 15th, 2022. We will check accordingly and post here.


i’m sorry if i was wrong I Wish i took a picture of it when it was active it had the strangest tag line ide never seen anything like it … and
It was the right after I joined this group time ever so I just assumed it was that

what are the spins then , after a month of anticipation is it a good reward usually ?

The Spins for this one, should be issued in the coming days, however, we will double check accordingly and post here once we have more info

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You know there’s a bunch of people in here that don’t know if they’ve opted in or if they have not opted in and I have not seen one message on here explaining exactly how to opt in on this from any moderator when there’s 50 people saying I don’t know if I’m opted in or not Would you not think that it would be a good idea to explain how to do it because I don’t know if I’m opted in at all. In I read every single freaking post in here

Did you push the “opt in” button at the top of the thread during the sign up time?

Yes, the opt in button was next to it and you had to click it @authenick1

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