Middle of the Night Players

I just want to put this here for all of the users who can’t get ahold of any moderators or representatives in the middle of the night because that’s when bovada starts to do weird stuff


I haven’t been able to talk to anyone about my problems and it’s been about 4 hours

I love the Night Lizard Lounge. Get on here around 1-2 am and I live West Coast it’s beautiful. Go to sleep when I see East Coasters wake up.

It does suck not being able to list anything or get approvals but I guess I don’t worry about it things will get taken care of eventually and I’m patient.

It’s not so much weird stuff but staffing issues and work hours. We players may seem to be up 24/7 but unfortunately the @moderators are human and still need sleep. I bet their employer wishes they didn’t.

@NocapLlamo We’ve sent you a PM