Midterm Elections Settlement

Was hoping we could just get some better general clarity regarding how/when these will be settled. For example, will the wagers team just be settling House/Senate wins based off when major news organizations call a race (and opposition candidates concede the race), or for some sort of official ceremonial stuff that’ll only happen way later? Will “democrat control of senate, republican control of house” wagers be settled once it is clear and accepted by everyone (which might happen within the next few days), or until these candidates actually assume their official positions? Some basic clarity on how these are settled every year would be much appreciated

I’ll check this for you. Meanwhile, can you please share the wager number, just in case it’s needed.

Sure, no worries, sharing it in the next comment. However, my particular wager hasn’t been decided yet, counting hasn’t finished yet so I don’t expect it to be settled rn, just want to get more information on when and how it would eventually be settled since there are no official rules/guidelines on the website.

I totally understand you, thank you.

Ref. 22111626265053

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I was informed that the wagers will be settled later, after the official results are announced.