Mkoone22 - needs attn

Unfortunately today is my second negative run in with this individual. About a month ago they bought from me and sent a PayPal echeck without telling me, which I waited six days to clear. Had they explained themselves I wouldn’t have been upset, this is not normal behavior on this site. Today I’ve purchased from them and after the money was sent they ghosted me and went offline. They have all star trader status so I felt they could be given another shot. This individual needs attention/ would avoid

They sent me a direct message last night trying to get me to buy from them, sounds like they were fishing

Sent me a pm last night & I bought $100 PayPal from em with no issue :thinking::thinking:

Apologies for the late reply here as it didn’t seem to ping us, I’m looking into this now.

It does seem that this was actually ultimately resolved. (Posting this more for the sake of clarity in regards to any fraudulent activity even if the transaction wasn’t necessarily completed to either parties full satisfaction)

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