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I had a futures bet that involved Ash Barty winning the French open. As you may know she shocked the world by retiring from the sport as the #1 ranked woman in the world. I recently had the bet graded as a loss. My question is: is that normal? I get a loss just because she retired? Similarly if an athlete suddenly dies or something before an event would u just lose that bet? That seems extremely unfair. Second part of the question and this is where i could use help from a MOD: I could’ve sworn I received a message from Bovada (through the message center, that I’ve since deleted) saying that all bets involving Barty would be “no action” as a courtesy to the bettors but I can’t find the message anymore as it was deleted. Any chance anyone else got the message? Can a MOD go back and check messages that I have deleted? Thanks in advance for the help!

When betting on futures these type of risks are inherent in the line. If the athlete were to suffer any unfortunate circumstance this would then be a loss.

In going back to May 1st unfortunately we don’t see any messages regarding her bets being voided.

@Ryan_Bovada - is there a disclaimer for this for future bets? I will definitely need to consider this before i place a future bet with Tennis events.

Question: If a player i pick, let say to win Wimbledon and suddenly pulls out a week before the event starts, that would be considered a lost?

Thanks I appreciate you checking. She retired in March, if you don’t mind checking back a little further. This is a reminder to me to never delete any messages. Also @Shearwall, yes that would be considered a loss.

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I have never had that happen to my future tennis plays before, they usually just lose but that is good to know. Thanks for the info!

Just know that this is for futures. If choosing game lines or match lines retirements usually do lead to the bet being void. The rule for futures are HERE. It isn’t just for tennis, but all futures have action regardless of things like injuries or pull outs.

Okay @Ryan_Bovada, base on what you are telling me, if the player i choose plays and gets injured let say the 2nd round of Wimbledon, then that future bet is voided?

But if the player i choose doesn’t play one single game and pulls out of Wimbledon with an injury one week before the tournament starts then that future bet is a lost? Is this correct?

No buddy think you misunderstood him. What you’re used to is correct.
No pushes for futures. Injuries and pull out of the tournament, even before, are still graded as a loss.

No pushes for future bet is all i needed to hear to clarify the future bets ! Thank you @cattycathy

That’s disgusting. Those bets should be graded as a push, just like all “retirement” bets in tennis when the player doesn’t finish the match. That’s disgusting that his Barty future bets are graded a loss

I believe this is a very common way to grade futures. One of the issues is that these type of bets don’t always have another side and are multiple different bets that will have a winner. For instance when a Moneyline wager gets voided both sides of a wager, that which would have won and that which would have lost get voided. There is no one to payout for that specific wager line.

In these cases part of that future money is what is used to pay the winners who bet on the correct player, and Barty pulling out would merely void her bet and take that money out of the future pool. There would still ultimately be a winner and a player that deserves a payout unlike in the other scenario.