Moderators please tell me how i lost this lol


I bet on the hawks to win the 3rd quarter in quarter betting. they tied 36-36 and now it says that I lost because it was a 3 way bet. lol There was no option for a tie or it said nowhere 3 way. How can you claim a bet is 3-way if there isn’t even 3 options. @moderators

it was literally this but for that game and i took the kings. NOT EVEN A TIE OPTION and you’re gonna try telling me its a 3 way bet!?

support is telling me “the sports department will be gone for a couple hours”

Can you post a screen shot of your wager?

the wager says 3-way but i swear to you I did not bet that. I didn’t even think that was a thing/ never saw it for a quarter in nba

That sucks right there. They do have them, they are very common like three way lines in soccer and hockey. They produce better odds because of the element of the tie.

Don’t think they’ll pay you on this unfortunately.

It was right when the quarter started and the kings were up 4-0. the odds wouldnt be that if it was 3-way. And i have never seen that on an NBA game. guess ill wait til tomorrow to see if they do on NBA. I know i didn’t bet that though because I was debating on the o/u or taking that lol. Im sure they wont pay and say its my fault but whatever better to ask than do nothing

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i don’t think the odds would be different at all for nba because they score so much. much different than soccer or nhl or nfl

They’ve not had live quarter betting for the NBA this past week and I didn’t see any tonight either. Mods said hopefully next week.
So I don’t think you’d be able to bet like the picture of the spread you posted. It would have had to have been the three way bet type below.
I could be wrong though buddy. Maybe they are blocking some players from betting live quarter bets in the NBA and allowing others? But Myself and others have not been able to bet them going on a week. Only NBA, all foreign leagues allow it.

I think when the site came back up they were available for some reason and when I bet it the site didn’t take that into account and took it as a 3-way. I dont even ■■■■ing care anymore, I spend so much time waiting for this site to fix problems I am probably losing money bc they dont know what they are doing taking 40 minutes in a chat to say “heres our rules” hahaha