Mods closing threads without answers

Hey Mods…. So why do are you now closing threads and unlisting them entirely when asked for an update? This one in particular myself and other users were asking for an update on the ticket you guys “created” regarding bets changing with processing.

Weeks and weeks have gone by and no update on the ticket. So we ask again. And now I check and instead of answering you just close the thread and bury it???

This is just blatant evidence of you guys avoiding actually helping us and getting an answer. So this means there was never really a ticket submitted? Or you guys are too lazy to check? I have no clue but all we ask for is submitting actual tickets that can actually help us

You mods actually help us out and act as a intermediary as you’re supposed to maybe you won’t experience so much hate on here. But instead you all just use this as your own message board and push things around and delay stuff til you can bury it

This is simply not accurate.

This was responded to the player having the actual issue via PM and they can disclose the results if they wish. It was closed because the actual conversation had gone off track and wasn’t even about the same issue anymore. The original player had an issue where the actual bet seems to have been incorrect, and other players were discussing line movements which aren’t the same thing. The player with the actual issue was updated and a resolution was provided.

There were more than just that 1 person having issues, so everyone else is just SOL and gets no update? Ryan, I have been here long enough that I know I shouldn’t expect much but I would hope we can at least get answers when a group of people are having the same issue

That is why everyone gets so frustrated here on these threads. There is 0 transparency and actual answers. Instead it’s “I can’t tell you that but just know it’s not available”

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Again it wasn’t the same issue. The line movement issue has been discussed previously on multiple other threads and isn’t the same issue as what the OP posted. Further, the OP was the only player that provided an actual issue with screenshots and a specific wager that needed to be addressed. This was simply a specific line issue with that quarterball and not something that was to be updated or fixed.

If you do have a specific issue to discuss you can post it below, but like the other post we would need screenshots as well as specific lines or wagers that you placed showing and confirming like they did that the bet you placed was not the bet you had in the betslip.

Thank you for the explanation Ryan. See how easy that is? Just taking a little time to explain instead of ghosting people is the way to go. Proud of you