Multi-hand Poker

Any plans on bringing 52-hand Jacks or Joker video poker back? Would absolutely ■■■■ing love multi-hand deuces wild options.

I mean, you could do 1000 hands and I’d be all over it. Love the video poker look and games

Hi @seanwb,

We appreciate the feedback, we can have this brought up to our Leadership Team to verify if they can grant this. We can’t guarantee anything being added however if it is we will let you know.


Awesome! Appreciate ya, merry Christmas

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Someone please help what is going on with 3 card poker , just started playing again . I have played a 75 hands and I know the house must win some but has anyone ever heard of the house gettin 5 flushes 6 straight flush 15 straights 7 3 of a kind , as soon as you win a little money on a football game 2k lost just like that there is no way 3 card is my rigged

I’d stay away from 3 card, last time I played I lost 2 flushes in a row, also lost both my straights to a royal and a higher straight all in a matter of around 15 hands.

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