My Exclusive Bonus Code!

Hey Guys!!! Have you taken advantage of the Premium Bitcoin Membership yet?

If not, feel free to use my exclusive promo code: LISA250BV



Not sure the purpose of having this here. Everyone in the forum is already a member and why use an affiliate code to market to current members.

This makes no sense whatsoever.


Hi @Lisa_Ann, welcome to the community.

This does work for the community


I’m not sure if the code works or not, but not everyone is a member. I have never used Bitcoin.

The code should work for all players but is normally marketed to potential new players. If the code gets you to try Bitcoin then that’s a good thing :slight_smile:


I stand corrected , just entered that code and it does work :beers:

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Everyone that has access to this forum is already a member of Bovada. You can’t access the forum without being one.

The code works for bitcoin deposits , check it out :grin::grin::grin:

I mean I’m not a member Premium Bitcoin.

Sweet I needed this

Appreciate this new Ambassador thread. Will be looking forward to see what else it can offer us :slightly_smiling_face:

Does this if you have already used bitcoin? Or only for new.members?

It works for anyone…even if have used bitcoin before? Or is it a scam?


The code should work for all players but is normally marketed to potential new players.

When does this bonus expire?

I don’t think Bovada would post something that is a scam. The code does work and it was a pleasant surprise :slight_smile: Hopefully we can see more of these pop up. This is my current favorite Category. The political debacle is getting out of hand and annoying. Plus, why is that topic even in the Sports Category? :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t expire any time soon :slight_smile:

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New code needed


Worked for me very cool thanks

Does that mean that there is a play through or whatever it’s called? Like if I take advantage of this offer… and I win 250$ after only playing for 5 Minutes can I withdraw my winnings right away? Or
Do I have to bet a certain amount of
Money first?