Need: Bet Cashout Confirmation

I’ve accidentally cashed out of two bets on accident in the last two weeks on mobile, once my phone slipped out of my hands, the other was just an accident while scrolling. A confirmation button would be excellent in these situations. Please!!

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Hi @bp1_123,

That’s a good suggestion and we will bring this to the attention of our leadership team.

Only issue I see with this is it’s already almost impossible to get a cashout processed before the line changes in most sports . Adding another step would make it actually impossible


I’ve never run into this issue personally but I understand where it could arise

It’s mostly a problem in faster moving sports like esports, table tennis or late in games where lines change faster .

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We’ve moved the topic to ‘Dismissed’ for now. In checking on this, adding an extra step of having to confirm your cashout and with lines always changing especially if its live at the time could cause more frustration with that line moving and cashout either changing to unavailable or now having to confirm the new cashout amount.

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