Need help with Wager - cancelled for unknown reason

Hello! Need help with bet reference 23011664928449.
Attaching screenshot. I made this bet before the match started, maybe like 5 entire minutes before. I make 100’s of tennis bets a day and this was entirely routine. It wins, and for this first time I get this “bet cancelled”? Doesn’t make any sense to me, this bet was placed before the game even started, well before a point was even played so there is no room for grey area. Please help! thank you.


We will take a look at this right now and get back to you.

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thank you! The odds in question are also 100% correct and correspond to the pre-match odds available on all other sportsbooks. So can’t think of any other reason it could get cancelled.

hey, was wondering if any updates. thank you

Lol someone prolly won big and now cancelling all wagers, and why? Bc they can :joy:

i’m sure they’ll correct it, probably some systems glitch. But yeh, here it isn’t about the $ amt, my bet is small, but more about the principle of honoring wagers. Definitely no reason to cancel this one.

This has now been re-settled. Congrats!

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thank you, knew you guys would take care of it :pray:

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