NFL Season Prop Bets

Question about these NFL over/under player prop bets.

For example,

Aaron Rodgers over/under 6.5 ints for the year.

Is there action on this even if player does not play game 1 of the season? When I placed the bet, there were no stipulations whatsoever, so I’m assuming there is action on the bet. I took Zack Wilson under before his injury but there’s a chance he may not play game 1. By my understanding, since there were no stipulations, there is action on the bet even if he sits out a couple games. Can you verify?


These bets generally have action regardless of any outside issues, or injuries for instance. Futures always have action. This is inherently baked into the price as well, however small the risk.

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What is the deal here? I believe I placed his bet even before he got injured.

This wager required that Zach Wilson start the season. He did not play game 1.

Where was that stated?

I even asked about that specifically and see your response.

It was likely posted on the actual line for those futures which is pretty common. These before season props almost always require the player to start the actual season.

It was not explicitly stated. That I am sure of.

Has it been stated in prior years? Yes, that’s why I posted my original question when there wasn’t a stipulation. However, in the past, there have been instances where there wasn’t a stipulation as well. I bet Gronk under yards years ago and he missed the first few games of that year. Bet still had action.

I bet over Blake Martinez over tackles this year and he got cut 1 week later. Figured this was a loss because there was no stipulation of playing game 1. Fine with me.

Not sure why Bovada feels its okay to change the requisites after the bets are placed. Stipulations should be stated. If a bet is canceled because the player does not play the entire year, that is slightly different.