NFL Survivor pool needed

Bovada needs to run a NFL survivor pool. I have seen other sites run them and run multiple pools at different buyins. You can even put caps on the amount of users to enter to keep it at a certain size control. Imagine a $100 survivor league buy in capped at 200 entries total. That would be a solid payout. Even a $25 pool would be good.

NFL Survivor is a great way to sweat a game each week and see if you can make it all the way through have a shot at the jackpot. I run a pool with my own peers, but I would love to see the ability on Bovada also. This can be done, and it shouldnt be that hard to build an interface for user to submit picks. I hope the mods will consider this, because it would also mean more people accessing Bovada weekly, which will in turn lead to more daily wagers. Hope you will think about it, ty.