No bonus funds on Mondays crypto?

Isn’t there some bonus deposits on Mondays for crypto users?

I was hoping to see something end of weekend but not one dollar…

Was trying to play a bit lol but I guess gotta wait till payday .

Use to get bonus a lot. Now nothing or scarce… is this the new norm?


Crypto exclusive bonus? 50% of your next deposit ?
:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, 30X Sports / 30X Horse / 20X Casino How in the world do you call “benefit” to that? This is unreal !


Yep! No bonus or little gift reward points

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Lol right?? 30x :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Omg! I know I try a few times and it’s just a way to lock in losing my arse!!! It’s such an absurd number to rollover. I need a big wad bankroll I swear!!! I feel it should be more doingable than nearly 80% impossible is that makes sense :crazy_face: what is the trick to even using those anyhow? Go max on it and big rolls??? I wanted to max out on the 1000 deposit but too scared to hit that trigger since rollover is about 20k??? Is that right math lol :joy::face_with_monocle::nerd_face::sweat_smile:


It’s been so rough lately it’s hard for me not to use bovada always been my favorite but things are rough now.


It’s fascinating to me that Bovada has gone from one of the best books for bonuses and incentives for regular players to practically nothing. You’ve been replacing the “little gifts” reward points for months now and no information is provided about some alleged replacement program. You used to give special bonuses around certain sports seasons. Now nothing. You revoke then add back VIP status like you are Biden and can’t think straight. in the next 24 months almost every state in the US will have legalized sports wagering. If you think this Half-assed, wishy washy, patronizing strategy is a solid one, you’re going to find yourself not necessary by most of us once this happens because why deal with something offshore when it’s around the corner? Don’t think it could happen? Keep taking us all for granted. Blockbuster and Blackberry phones say “hello.”


I’ve spent so much money here,I’m almost embarrassed to say how much… when they took away the reward points and stopped giving me bonuses,I knew then it was time to go! I’ve had some nice winnings but not as nearly much as I’ve lost. It’s gambling and I get it,you’re gonna lose sometimes but losing everytime is horrible. You can just about tell what kind of day you’ll have by the first couple of hands. I will never spend more than $200 a month here ever again…eventually it’ll be $0


That’s exactly what happened to me. They claimed I abused the bonus and stopped giving me any kind of bonuses even though I’m a hall of famer. Apparently they don’t like us players hitting the rollover many times. What a joke.

I guess that’s why I don’t get bonuses anymore and that’s why I won’t be depositing no more either lol

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Lol I got to email now for a bonus after I did rollover two times and cashed out 1100. Now they make me wait for reply via email which is not convenient at all. It’s gambling but at least show a lil love to us that do play here everyday


This is not a site for high depositing players.

For years players that were investing a lot of money would be getting taken care of. Those days are gone.

Programs are done. CS doesn’t help.

Nothing left but contests and gimmicks.


What site you use now. Think this is getting bad threatening to remove chat because I ask for a bonus. Takes very long for them to reply via email

BETUS! They’re gonna remove me for sharing that information too :joy::joy: they keep threatening to remove my account…do it :joy::joy: I don’t deposit here anymore away and never will. BETUS is much better and they have a variety of games to pick from . Stay off this site. If you won several times and can’t win anymore,just know that your luck has run out and you will be broke trying to catch up. Stop while you’re ahead


Thanks fr. Ya been losing over 1k a week. And they crazy if I got to wait all day for a bonus. Via email.

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Going to try now.

Got referral code I can use