Notification Shut Off??

Is there a way to stop receiving notifications like this one? A notification should be of something of great importance in your message inbox such as you won something or a special bonus offer or free play.

I think we are a bit more sophisticated to know when a game is being played than being given credit for.


There are ways to ensure you don’t receive notifications or emails going forward, but unfortunately this does shut off essentially all promotional material. I don’t believe you can shut off specific types of emails.

Though I get the excitement of opening an email to be met with information you’re already aware of.

This one is more for escalation in regards to which players receive them. We’ll pass it along this week for sure.

Don’t take it as a “bitch” but notifications should be something of value or at the very least utmost importance.

Thanks Ryan :slight_smile:

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I cant believe those. I get mlb ones. As playoff times and dates roll. We all know nfl is sunday. Lol

+1 to the fact that these are really annoying and unnecessary


Oct 14, 2021

Tom Brady and the Bucs are rollin’, but Hurts can do some damage too. Play TNF tonight.