Notification Shut Off?

Is there a way to stop receiving notifications like this one? A notification should be of something of great importance in your message inbox such as you won something or a special bonus offer or free play.

I think we are a bit more sophisticated to know when a game is being played than being given credit for.


There are ways to ensure you don’t receive notifications or emails going forward, but unfortunately this does shut off essentially all promotional material. I don’t believe you can shut off specific types of emails.

Though I get the excitement of opening an email to be met with information you’re already aware of.

This one is more for escalation in regards to which players receive them. We’ll pass it along this week for sure.

Don’t take it as a “bitch” but notifications should be something of value or at the very least utmost importance.

Thanks Ryan :slight_smile:

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I cant believe those. I get mlb ones. As playoff times and dates roll. We all know nfl is sunday. Lol

+1 to the fact that these are really annoying and unnecessary

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Oct 14, 2021

Tom Brady and the Bucs are rollin’, but Hurts can do some damage too. Play TNF tonight.

Please for the love of a higher being, please stop sending us these pointless “bet NFL” messages every weekend! We know it’s football season, no need to shove it down our throat every weekend and lead us to believe that we’re actually getting a points drop.

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i so agree! i love to log on and see that i have a message or a notification on the top right corner. usually means i got a gift or a bonus to play with. But lately its a pointless message that says to go bet or to go play new games. Not all of us have money in our accounts. some of us hardly ever do these messages should only go out to ones who have money in their account or have recently made a deposit. Not to someone like me who has no money in the account or made a deposit over $25 all month we have bad weeks or bad months last thing we want to do is get all excited thinking your about to play a slot,play some poker, or make a bet., when its a add about making a deposit . its like when you are in a chat session with bovada and you ask if theres any free spins available, and they respond with, “no spins available, but dont forget about our reload bonus” lol


These notifications are useless!! Please remove!!


Yes! Please :pray:


Agreed for god sakes I haven’t gotten an extra reward in months. They used to give me 20 bucks or more here and there now nothing. Funny because I give more action now than I did lol


DJ Khaled voice Another one… :angry:


Just a note here as this has been brought up and escalated. I can’t guarantee these notifications will be removed but we are looking into who receives them.

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Full agreement. I came here to post a topic on this and was glad to see someone already started one.

A bunch of useless notifications that are annoying



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+1 on they’re extremely annoying

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I’ve been patiently awaiting a potential points drop, saw the notification and my heart skipped a beat…only to see this. Help us out Bovada. Make them go away.

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Just to step in here again, we certainly haven’t forgot about this and it was addressed at weekly meetings. We are looking into whether we’re able to segment out certain players from receiving these specific notifications.


Thanks for the update @Ryan_Bovada. While that would be a good start, I think it’s a unanimous consensus that these notifications aren’t beneficial to anyone. If we’re already players, most (if not all) of us are already aware when games are played and don’t need reminders for TNF, MNF, NBA, etc.