Odds glitch / wagering help

When I placed the bet run line was -1.5 for Baltimore …. When the bet was placed it said -2.5 but not change to the game … I placed a similar parlay a second later and the run line was -1.5 which is what I wanted to bet. Totally changing the outcome of my parlay resulting in a loss

Nvm Rockies def lost

They would do nothing seriously . I’ve had numerous line changes with no score changed probably hundreds of times .

I’ve even had one where they tell me that lines always change within seconds .

So I asked why when I get a good line I get money taken out my account but when it goes in BOVADA favor i get no money put back in my account

Few weeks ago during outage I got a line , it won I was credited my $296 or so win (500 something with my bets ) and then they took it away and said they gave me a wrong line on a live bet . It was so sickening .