One of my Parlay Legs was deemed No Action but, the game played out as any normal game does

I won a 7 leg parlay but, one of the legs is being deemed No Action, when the football game played out like a normal game would and the team I put a ML bet on, that I included in my parlay won the game, So I dont understand how this game can be considered No Action.

Below i attached a screenshot of when I made the parlay (which shows the amount I should have won), a screenshot of the winning parlay (which shows the winning amount, with the No Action leg incorporated) and a screenshot of the No Action leg.

Unless there is something that im not seeing, this leg should be counted in with the winning parlay.

The game never finished

It was abandoned with 8 minutes left after a MIA player was injured

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Damn, I didn’t realize that. I had to leave during the beginning of the 4th, and seeing how the game was trending, I didn’t think twice when I saw the final score later at night.

Thanks for clarifying it for me.

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Tough break. Was going to be a W for sure

Yeah, tough break for sure but, I’ll take No Action or a Push on one leg, over losing one of the legs, any day. Haha

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