Ongoing issue with DOTA 2 live betting

There has been an issue where matches are locked for their entirety. A few other dota bettors and I have mentioned it before and a mod has escalated it. When that happened the sports team confirmed it was unintended and would be fixed. To their credit, they have fixed it for the most part.

For some reason, this issue only occurs now for the China DPC matches and it happens -every- single match. The line goes up, map 1 is locked for its entirety. The second map 1 ends, map 2 is locked for its entirety, and so on for map 3. Just wanted to point this out.


In the future can you escalate an actual match while it is occurring so we can review? Would this be one of them?

Will do. The game you linked is not one of them. It is a DPC match, but it’s South America, and all of those games have been functioning properly.

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I just gave up when ever a china DPC is happening and moved on to another website to place wagers

This is what we are talking about… it’s has been a whole that this started and the odds are still the same as it has never opened upon it starting

Are you referring to game odds?

Yeah… that is what the discussion is about … that the lines never open

The lines are open now.

And closed ever since the draft for map 2 began

@Paul_Bovada the line was only open until that map began. The second map 2 went live the lines closed. It might as well have not even been offered. Same issue as always.

This might well be done intentionally, but let us know if it happens again and we can ask sports

We have been down this road with the sports team in the past when it occurred and they told us it was not intentional.

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Issue seems to be fixed!

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