Online users display

Hi mods.
This isn’t a big deal but I thought it would be something that might make things easier for some people.
In the area where it shows the current users online, it usually contracts until you hover over a user. Is there any way to just have it expanded all the time? Sometimes, I want to see who is online and buying/selling vouchers but the display scrunches all the users together. I have to continuously hover over a user name to keep it expanded.
Also, can you guys have some type of indicator that a user is online? For instance, have a green check mark next to the user names in their comments/questions.
Just a couple suggestions that would make things a little more user friendly.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing this up! I feel like we’ve discussed this before in the past, but there isn’t a way to have the list constantly expanded. This would take up a lot of the top of the page during busy periods.

Regarding an online indicator, this is something that we have already :slight_smile:

Anyone who’s online will have a green circle around their profile picture next to their posts and messages.


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Thanks Louis.
I now remember this topic was brought up. I was not aware of the green circle indicator. Will be looking out for that now.

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No problem! I was sure we’d spoken about it before but couldn’t find the topic.

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