Opt In For July Spins!

Hey everyone!

Like in previous months this will be the Opt in For free spins for the Monthly and Yearly Leaderboard competition. If you want to see how this works, click the link above or peruse the category and look at any previous month issuances. The Opt in will last until this Friday at 5p ET so make sure to click the poll button and opt in. Contestants will be maxed out at 500 so get in early!

Opt In
  • Opt me in for July!

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I’m in JULY

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@Mikey_Bovada can you check yo messages

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When are the free spins issued?


Towards the very end of month @BTwiceMoney

I want in please

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Opt me in when will we get the spins

Opt me in for July

Make sure you click the opt in button at the top of the page.


You must opt in yourself. From here, scroll all the way up, and you’ll find instructions, which everyone should be reading anyway, immediately followed with: “Opt In” and outlined circle to the right. Click on that circle to opt in. If nothing is there it’s either too late, closed, or full.

This is my first time opting in. Once we opt in, what happens?

Now we wait until the free spins are issued. Someone will post before it happens. Just don’t forget to come back periodically and check


Cool thanks!

You’re welcome

opt me in please thx

Please make sure you do this yourself using the poll above.

Or me in please