Option to show stack in BB

I’d really like to see the option to change showing my chips in big blinds rather than dollars for tournaments… I’m so used to it on any other site it’s kind of strange not to see the option


Thanks for bringing this up!

It’s a suggestion we’ve had in the past but our Poker team don’t believe that it would be beneficial to the majority of recreational players.

Well I’d say having choices/options is never a bad thing

I mean it’s honestly probably like a 45 second coding job, and if a player doesn’t want to use it, they don’t have to


I understand, but at the moment it’s not something we will be pursuing.

If the situation ever changes, I’ll be sure to bring this back up :slight_smile:


@Louis_Bovada two of your competitor sites are doing this, and I can attest to its value for all players, pro and recreational. It is very useful and your lack understanding its value will put Bovada at a disadvantage to your competitors. Your choice, but know it’s only +EV to add it long term.

Your competitors have it set as something simple to turn on and off. One has it where you click your chip count and it converts to bb, the other has a toggle option in the settings. It’s hard for me to understand how such a polished operation like Bovada would not find any value in adding such a simple option as this. You clearly have poker players that would use it.

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