Oscar specials payout

I placed a $5 wager on a special posted that Everything Everywhere All at Once would win both best supporting actress, and best actress, which it did but it was graded as a cancelled bet. Why if they both hit?

This was cancelled as a “past post” wager, so basically this means the wager was placed later than it should have been, and it should not have been available at that time.

I posted the wager before the Oscars ever started??? How is that posted after it was supposed to? Really you guys are gonna do me like that over $8? Good lord you guys love to give me hell

There is a cutoff time on all wagers, I don’t know the specifics on this, but if it was deemed past post them it would mean the wager was placed after the cutoff time, and the line shouldn’t have been available.

I will speak to sports and see what the situation is with this specific wager.

Thanks. I’d love to hear the details.

Good news, this was actually re-settled as a win for you!

Thank you sir!

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