Parlay Insurance?

I have seen this elsewhere and really think it would help Bovada improve, but if there was an option to either select one parlay a day of at least 5 teams and have that eligible for some sort of parlay insurance I think that fun.

Whether that be something where you select one parlay a day and if one leg were to lose on that parlay you get your money back / 50% money back on bonus funds or something else I think it could definitely get some more juice to get more players to use parlays and continue to play.

Even if Bovada had more of a traditional approach where you can only do one parlay a day, I think it would really improve player relations towards the site and keep people coming back. I can’t tell you how many times I have lost a 7-8 team parlay (or more) by one single leg losing and it’s so depressing to do all that work and come up flat.

Bonus: what about increasing reward points for those parlays that didn’t win. if you complete 7/8 legs on a parlay you would get more credit than winning 1/8 legs on a parlay? You could use your discretion on how that would be accomplished and how many points that would be worth. You would ideally still get normal credit for rewards for placing the parlay, just extra added in for the completion of those legs as mentioned. you could cap the odds of legs at a certain price if need be

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Hi @Broadcaster005,

We appreciate the idea and think it’s a great idea. this will be shared with the Leadership Team and we will keep you guys updated as to if it will be implemented or not.

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I would love this or even progressive parlay options. If I can make a 7 bet parlay, and still get something for winning 6 out of 7 bets, it would certainly be more appealing.

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