Parlay/Teaser payout

Hi there,

I was wondering if the team can implement highlighting the parlay or teaser tickets with the teams that have already won or place a check mark next to them. This will help determine which teams have already won on the placed ticket. This can be seen used with other sport books so was wondering if it could possibly be done with Bovada.

Thank You


Thank you for this suggestion Uncthaiyao, we’ll look into it.


I’ve wondered this as well like a giant yellow highlighter across the teams that won.

Or whatever.

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This has now been escalated to the appropriate department.

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thank you.

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Any update on this, I also would enjoy a teaser parlays to be added, thank you guys @ Bovada :raised_hands:t2:

Hi guys,

We haven’t received an update on this, once we do we’ll update you here.

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