Pending live bets taking forever to lock

It’s nearly impossible to get a live bet with decent odds for a number that you like. Usually when I try to place a bet that is plus money or -115, it never goes through

I tried placing a wager on chargers -7 when the bet went through it went through as chargers -9.5 absolute whore shit granted the bet would of loss that’s some absolute unacceptable whore shit

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Placed a live bet at 9pm +money on the correct score of oilers - knights game tonight bet was processed over an hour before game was completed. The bet won hit the correct score as soon as i opened bet slip i watch it change from 5-4 oilers to 4-5 and processing again, then transfer into lost bets. Money gone. Calls no response, live chat no response, emails no response, hopefully can get some help on this here. Have screen shots of bet, time frame, when it switched to processing with the correct score, when it switched to a lose floping my numbers, and screen shots of the time bet was placed and screen shot of bet now with scores reversed and processed the exact minute game ended. Lost money on this, and no response. Pretty heated

This was an issue with the scoreboard? I’m not fully understanding this.

This has been and will continue to be an issue. I live bet all the time. It takes forever to lock a live bet jn. It only locks it in right away when it benefits bovada. For example if you bet the under on a game at 150 with -125 odds and the odds change to -135 or -140 etc the bet will sometimes process. Now if the 150 changes to 151 and your betting the under bovada will process the bet. But if it changes to 149 it won’t proceed the bet and make you retry because the odds changing are In yiur favor due to the score trending down. I have lost thousands of dollars becuase bovada has processed my bet when the odds took forever to process and when it got processed it was in their favor.
Their scape goat is and always will be the rule that they have that the scofe board is for reference but should not be relied upon. I have bet the under on a couple of basketball games that showed 3 mins left in the third quarter and then when the third quarter timer reached zero it added another 3’mins. The gsme ended up going over but just small by a small margin and those extra mins played a crucial role. I recorded all of it and bovada didn’t do a thing and went back to saying that I should not have relied on the scoreboard.
Sorry i went off topic and didn’t write a proper post and just went off. But at the end of it all becarefuk when live betting. Bovada will use that stupid rule always in their favor and they only process certain bets in a timely manner that benefit them. They deny they don’t but we know how shady it can be