Pick Your Moderator Bracket Competition #3

We’ll be having a Bracket competition and let all of you decide who has the best bracket for a chance to be part of the $1000 prize pool. The Poll will close at 12P ET Tomorrow!

The mod with the most points at the end of the tournament will be declared the winner and all those who selected that mod will split the $1000 bonus.

The point breakdown will work as follows:

Games picked right in the first round will earn 1 point each, 2nd round 2 points, 3rd round 4 points 4th round 8 points, the Final four 16 points, and 32 for the correct champion.

Rules are as follows:

  • To receive a bonus, winning accounts must have made at least 1 deposit.
  • Prize pool will be split among all players that chose the winning moderator.
  • Players will not be able to see other selections until the Poll has closed on March 16th at 12p ET. You may change your vote at anytime before then.
  • Bonuses will be issued within 24 hours after the Championship game.
  • All bonuses will be issued with a standard rollover of 5X Horses/Sports, 3X Poker Points or 20X Casino.

So let’s have those picks and Good Luck!

Normally when we post the pictures as part of the poll, they are too small and can’t be expanded, so we’ve added them below, with the poll just underneath:







  • Brooke
  • Dominic
  • Mikey
  • Stan
  • Tina
  • Vivian

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i like Brooke…wished she had pick UCLA in the final game

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lets go mikey

Tina is winning that mug!

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I’m riding the Brooke Bracket train to the title. I like her picks and specifically almost every other bracket had Houston in title game and since this is.a contest you don’t wanna have the same winner as your competitors brackets have and her brackett seemed very unique and it’s logical that the number one seeds will get knocked out before final four
Smart strategy . a lot of people had Duke Making a good run too since they were hot at end of reg season and ACC tourney . I have to take a stand against wannabe Detective Jon Schyer and Duke though! Good luck to all and -Get it Brooke $!

@Mikey_Bovada you the man

Dominic got this

@Stan_Bovada Stan the man I got you :wink:

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Took Tina, let’s go. Though none have champ

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Go with Tina

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The smart money is on the girls here!!!
Go @Brooke_Bovada @Tina_Bovada @Vivian_Bovada :muscle: :basketball_man:


@Tina_Bovada Awesome picks!! Let’s go :sunglasses:

Mikey for the win

$21.73 if Stan wins yay lol ahh the Bovada contests are great.


Is this Open? How do we select

It closed when the tournamnet started unfortunately

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It was open for less than a day before it closed i believe. Booooo!

@Dominic_Bovada your bracket is whack A.F. That’s why I picked yours. Let’s gooooooooo.

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Ill take Matty

Does anyone know an updated score for this