Players Cards?

Not sure if this has been suggested before and definitely no idea on the possibilities in terms of logistics and legality, but think it would be cool if Bovada offered a players card to people who meet X requirements per year or however it’d be calculated. A friend of mine just got a fully comp’d cruise through Norwegian for presenting her Bellagio rewards card and proving she met a wager requirement. I know there’s a few other trips that offer similar promotions to frequent gamblers. Again, maybe this isn’t possible for Bovada and a benefit of legals, but just figured I throw it out there.


Thank you for the great suggestion @Megdennis, this will be forwarded over to the appropriate team.

Had a friend get a huge 79 inch. (Or something crazy) tv. Maybe split reward points in two buckets

Better yet, have a rewards store that offers merchandise instead of poker tournament coupons or converting to cash.

While I know those methods especially casino/sports conversions likely don’t hit the bottom line due to the majority of it losing.

Giving people some items to shoot for will get them playing more. There isn’t a need for a loyalty card because legally it won’t work like it does for M Rewards as used in the op’s example.

A Bovada points store gets around all that and you either have a third party do the redemption’s and send off the items or you just purchase them yourselves and have them shipped out to their home address.


I so agree with this, even if all you’re giving away is packs of cards and t-shirts and the like.

I cherish my Ultimate Bet playing cards I bought with their rewards points. I even have a deck of Joe Camel playing cards from way back when.