Playthrough Progress Suggestion

Hello, it would be helpful for the site to display the remaining playthrough wager requirements in the help bubble instead of the static total wager requirements as we progress through the requirements.

This # can easily be calculated -

[overall wager requirement] - [(overall wager requirement * playthrough progress %]

Thanks for your consideration.


They used to do that but I think if you’re looking on a mobile phone it won’t show. Try looking on a desktop if you have one lol.

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Lol I’m actually on desktop most of the time and unfortunately it doesn’t auto calculate

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Interesting. Yeah in that case i feel you. But I’m positive they used to have that option that would tell you how much more you had to wager

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This was already escalated so will be moved to under review

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Where does this stand in the review process?

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It was basically escalated to the relevant department. We don’t have any additional updates at this time.