Please for the love of god change your tennis sports bet policy

If they complete an entire set it should count as a win if someone decides to fake an injury.

For instance today, I bet a spread on a tennis match, the person I bet was like a +6 underdog. They won the first set outright, and were dominating the 2nd set, then their opponent had a phantom injury so my bet that should have been a clear winner now becomes a push.

It’s honestly the dumbest rule ever. I can understand it if they don’t complete a single set, but after a set is completed you should be paid out or lose depending on the side you are on.

Spreads should always be a push if a full match isn’t completed. I’m assuming you’re talking about Halep/Kalinskaya. Mathematically Halep could’ve possibly still covered the -6 if the match was to continue. Unlikely but it was still possible.

I know some books count full match MLs as a win or loss if the first set is completed, but no book grades a pre match spread if the full match isn’t completed.

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Thank you for the feedback. We’ll pass it on.

That’s correct on moneline bets would win if opponents retire or are disqualified spreads across all platforms will push unless it’s a total that already covered books might grade as a win and others will grade as push this has been my experience yes It sucks but that’s how it is…

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In the past, at other books, they would award ML in similar situations. They would never grade the spread though. I understand the frustration, the grading has been all over the place for years.