Poker 2 day tournies.

Have 2 day poker tournies. Have multiple day 1 tournaments that funnel into a final day 2 tournament (usually Sunday). Would allow for bigger guarantee tournament.

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The issue there is a lot of people still work or have family stuff going on on Saturdays which is probably why they do Sundays.

Saturdays are a busy day for many. Just my opinion.

The next free poker tourney should be on Sunday anyway. Saturday is never a good day which is why a lot of ppl that signed up didn’t play

I couldnt disagree more anyone who plays poker is playing big tourneys on Sundays there not even going to play the freerolls. Saturday is perfect.

I think either day is fine…but all other sites have their big tourneis on Sunday…most people play Multiple sites…so if Sunday they are going to play on one site may as well play on another.