Poker emoji request

The emoji and pre text are getting lame. We need a change. We all want to communicate, and know player names. But as I’m getting my arse handed to me in sit and go today I thought, boy aren’t I the clown at this table. So I’d really like to add a clown :clown_face:emoji to the selection at least. Feel free to add more to the request.


Definitely an interesting idea, we’ll forward this off to the Poker Team, any other emotes anyone would like to see?

Donkey :horse: lol that one would come in handy most the time the way they play here.


:wastebasket: :man_facepalming::beers::four_leaf_clover::money_with_wings::toilet::exclamation::question:
Lol I’m sure some of those will never be approved but a couple of others would come in handy from time to time. None of which would reveal anything about the player personally.



Oh wait that isn’t an emoji but that would be cool to put on the middle of the table. Hell I’d even pay a quarter a time to do it.


Facepalm lol!! That one for sure!

Just as a follow up here our Poker Team are now aware of this feedback and this is actually something that is already planning to eventually be implemented but there is currently no specific road map. What I would say is keep on giving us ideas for what kind of emotes and emoji’s you want added. That way at least we’ll be able to provide this as an idea of what players are looking for when it is in the future.

We’ll be moving this to ‘Under Review’.


Just as an update here the team has updated the emoji’s available but we will as well be looking to update them even further in the future.

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