Poker Room Suggestions & Implementations

Before I get into this, I want to state out front I do quite well in the poker room and I see opportunities to make the poker room better than it is today.

The tournaments I am going to ask to be implemented are available elsewhere and are wildly popular:

Hyper Turbo and Super Hyper Turbo

These are tournaments with very short levels and can be used with a super stack or a smaller stack.

Hyper Turbo usually have 5 minute levels and a shorter stack of chips, usually 5,000 or less.

Super Hyper Turbo usually have anywhere from 1-3 minute levels and can be used with either a super stack or short stack.

Both of the above tournaments run effectively and don’t last several hours to play. Players love these because of how quick they run and they aren’t tied to a chair for a long period of time. It also gives them the opportunity to play more tournaments as most players don’t multi tournament table or play cash games on the side. This keeps them active and playing. Not to mention the house ends up with more tournament fees in their pocket.

Short Stacked is a crazy fun tournament because you start with anywhere from 300-1000 chips. I’ve seen it as low as 100. These tournaments move very quickly and typically have 10 minute levels at most. Standard is 6 minutes but I’ve seen less and I’ve seen more but 6 minutes is pretty constant. Again it doesn’t tie the player into a long marathon tournament and they can play a lot of these. As with the turbos these generate a lot more in fees for the house.

Fixed Limit Hold Em along with Omaha and Omaha Hi Lo These are a true poker player delight as it gets rid of the all in faction of the game until they are literally out of chips. This is where the rubber meets the road and ask any good player, it takes skill to win these tournaments not luck of the draw. These don’t need to be super stacked, they can be 1500 - 5000 and have 8-10 minute levels. The players actually can play more marginal hands and take shots without putting their tournament life at risk with just one hand. Again very popular.

Head to Head 32/64/128/256 seats What’s not to like to prove that you’re better than someone else playing them head to head? You don’t need a lot of chips to play these as each round would have the same set amount. You can go 500-1500 and nothing higher. These run quickly and who doesn’t want to be the King of the Mountain with these.

Running Bounty Per Head I need to explain this one in full so there is a clear understanding of how this works.

Each player starts with x bounty and as time goes on they either become less of a bounty ( due to not being as good as others) and those that knock out more players over time their value goes up. ( due to knocking out more players and tougher to knock out overall)

Each bounty tournament would determine their worth, however the tournament entry must be the same amount.

Let’s say the tournament is $15 + $1.50

Every player starts with a $5 bounty.

Louis isn’t a very skilled player and gets knocked out early on. His bounty the next tournament in this range would be less than $5. However I am a skilled player and knockout several plays and cash the tournament. My bounty the next round would be worth more than $5.

This makes it a bit more interesting as people will be coming after that higher bounty player.

The above are great tournaments to add.

The thing that is bothersome is that currently tournaments lasts too long due to such a late registration. I understand that this is done to guarantee that the guaranteed amount is hit but that is never a problem in any of those tournaments.

While players have no issue with big Sunday tournaments and 6 figure guaranteed, they don’t need to be playing all day in a 3K tournament. Something needs to be done whether it’s to lower the level time or lower the late registration level. But it is a concern and it’s not me that sees this issue.

I would love to have my own poker tournament area at Bovada and run my own tournaments and I have several promotion tournaments that would keep players playing all day and all night while not sitting in one tournament.

You won’t be sorry you take me up on any of this.


We’ll definitely escalate this to the Poker Team and have them take a look at your suggestions. Obviously any other feedback from players will be looked at below as well.

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I think these are great ideas, I only play fixed limit Omaha Hi/Lo when I play live poker. Its been awhile . I also use to play hyper and super hyper turbos online a long time ago. I dont play much poker on here right now bcause I simply dont always have the time, but if the hyper and super hyper turbos started up I would be on board to play a lot more.

Bring back the fixed limit ring games where you can pick your table. They never fill up anymore.
Great suggestions @freaksforum…

@freaksforum Love the write up!

Definitely agree on making some faster tournaments, would bring more players that wouldn’t normally play them.

I would also like to add a Win the button format, lots of interesting spots will come up, plus will really make players even more aggressive to win the pots.

I like your idea on the bounty tournament but I think a ProgressiveKO would be more exciting and fair for the casual player.

My favorite part about tournaments is the level war environment it creates. No matter how many times you may be able to buy in we all start with the same stack.

I think that as a community we could start a beta tournament series to test out new formats and work out bugs as a team.

Why not just have 1 second levels or even better just force everyone to go all in every hand?

More rake is better huh?

While your response is tongue in cheek, there are already tournaments that exist that put all the players in the tournament all in every hand. Each player starts with 1 chip.

You do realize that to run an effective poker room rake/tournament fees is what keeps the lights on and feeds the guaranteed amounts in the tournaments. Players have the choice in what cash games and tournaments, no matter where you play rake and tournaments fees are involved. Some way higher than others.

Players don’t want marathon tournaments only to receive a small amount in prizes money. There’s nothing worse than playing a $3.30 tournament and winning $6 for min cash, this after 5-6 hours of play. I can use the same scenario for higher entry fee tournaments because the result is the same, the ROI is small and the win per hour rate is negligible and not worth the time.


The faster formats are known to have a smaller portion of rake being taken from each player if you compare to regular paced tournaments.

Plus tournaments take much less in rake if you compare it to cash games that rake every hand after the flop.

I don’t want to see rake being increased, but by running more turbo/hyper tournaments, it can help keep the rake down for the rest of the tournaments.

I would imagine that the poker tournaments are the least profitable category for Bovada so it must be challenging to upgrade and invest in.

I’m just happy to see that the mods will give us the time of day to give our opinions and feedback when all the other companies couldn’t care less.


I have previously suggested to add a Progressive Knockout Tournament, not sure where we are with that but would like to see it soon.

For those that don’t know what a progressive knockout tournament is, lets take the $20+$2 bounty tournament that is currently offered with a $5 KO prize. So you would collect lets say 65% of the bounty and then the rest of the bounty would get added to your own bounty. So as you progress through the tournament the bounties in play increase significantly. Makes it a lot more fun and players are “bounty incentivized” to knockout players late in tournaments. Of course the winner of the tournament would collect his own bounty as well.

Let’s get the ball rolling!! :basketball::soccer::tennis::volleyball::softball::baseball::football:


Keep em coming!

Agreed here! I play the small ones most the time to keen in on some of my skills but they do need to shorten the pay outs.

It’s been a few weeks, any updates? How about letting me manage a portion of the poker room. Just give me my own tab and I’ll have it rocking bigly.

Just a follow up to see if anything is in motion : )

I know your topic is more tournament based. However, where is .05/.10 zone poker? Seems if you play lower stakes and have any idea about bankroll management, they are skipping a step. I know in the past it was available. I for one don’t like cash ring games for one reason. It’s the pace at which people act on a hand. 30 second clocks are too much.